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Agent Networks at the Last Mile

Most digital financial services users require agents to help them switch between worlds of cash and digital currency. Global evidence suggests six principles for building viable agent networks in rural areas home to poor, financially excluded populations.

Awareness, Communication, and Outreach for Social Protection Schemes during COVID-19

COVID-19: How Countries Can Use Digital Payments for Better, Quicker Cash Transfers

Citizens and States: How Can Digital ID and Payments Improve State Capacity and Effectiveness?

Coping measures for “measurement” in the time of COVID-19

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Adaptive Social Protection and Decentralisation: A Conceptual Framework

  • Andrew Wyatt, Valentina Barca

This SPACE paper explores how decentralization, localization, and adaptive social protection relate to each other conceptually. In doing so, it touches on relevant subjects such as the growing use of integrated information systems, data collection, and remote enrollment, among others.

UN Principles for Responsible Digital Payments: Building Trust, Mitigating Risks & Driving Inclusive Economies

  • Better Than Cash Alliance

This Better Than Cash Alliance report details principles for building responsible digital payment systems. An update to BTCA’s 2016 publication, the report emphasizes the importance of consumer trust driven by reliability, interoperability between services, and conscious efforts to include marginalized communities, particularly women.

Using Mobile Phone and Satellite Data to Target Emergency Cash Transfers in Togo

  • Brian Webster

In March 2020, a team of researchers began providing technical assistance to the Government of Togo to help guide their humanitarian response to the COVID-19 crisis. This report provides a short, non-technical summary of those efforts through the year 2020.

How Togo is using mobile and satellite data to reach the vulnerable

  • Shirley Tay

GovInsider article on the Novissi program, based on an interview with Cina Lawson, Togo’s Minister of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation.

Integration of Administrative Records for Social Protection Policies: Contributions from the Brazilian Experience

  • Letícia Bartholo, Joana Mostafa, and Rafael Guerreiro Osorio

Integrating information for the purpose of articulating social protection policies is hard work. It requires a combination of political will, capacity for institutional cooperation, software development and direct communication channels with citizens. Because of this complexity, countries that pursue this objective often cooperate to exchange knowledge, and the Brazilian Single Registry (Cadastro Único), the backbone of some 20 social protection programmes, is frequently cited as a successful example of integration....

Social Assistance and Information in the Initial Phase of the COVID-19 Crisis: Lessons from a Household Survey in India

  • Alan Gelb , Anurodh Giri , Anit Mukherjee , Kritika Shukla , Mitul Thapliyal and Brian Webster
  • covid-19

The COVID-19 lockdown provides a test of whether these investments in digital infrastructure would pay off and help the government deliver relief quickly, efficiently and equitably.


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